Surprise in the Mail Today

I have this very dear friend from Ft Lauderdale that just sent me a box with four skeins of yarn, a very old beginner knitters book, two tunisian crochet hooks, and a project that looks like it is about 3/4 of the way finished (with accompanying needles).

Apparently, her Mother started it long ago and she would like me to finish it. I’m not quite sure which pattern she was following in the book (I can’t find anything that looks like it) and I know that we don’t both have the same gauge. I’m going to run a lifeline and see if I can get anywhere close to the same stitch count. I know my dear friend would be ecstatic! It looks to be mostly knit stitches, with a few rows where she may have gotten things turned around and purled instead…or maybe she was just practicing the purl stitch? Who knows.

Would you try? Or just explain that not everyone has the same knitting style and it might look quite different? Or just cast off and let it just be her Mothers work? It is quite long already and would make a lovely, wide scarf. Inquiring minds and all that.IMG_8983

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