FO – Summer 2015 Knitalong Stepping Stones Shawl

I’m so excited that I finally finished this! It’s a beautiful yarn to work with (Artyarns Merino Cloud in Color 904 – Mood Ring) and a stunning free pattern, just for buying the yarn. I learned so much…my first CDD, SSK, short rows, and lace sections. At first, I thought I had taken on too much. As my Ravelry notes show, there was some frustration; however I made it through to the end. I’ll post my notes below the pictures. Do you think it’s too much and I should edit? Or maybe it would be helpful for someone else that’s a newer knitter to learn from? I also just got asked to be a featured photo on the pattern page! That’s so awesome 🙂

IMG_9048 IMG_9042 IMG_9045 IMG_9043

5/29/15 – I completed the swatch with size 10 needles.

6/7/15 – Completed part one of the pattern. I had to frog and redo rows 1-9 three times before I finally started using a lifeline. I don’t know why I was having such trouble with it because the pattern is written perfectly. User error 🙂 I’ve decided to just do the one skein shawl, as I want to learn how to knit short rows.

6/9/15 – Onto Part Two of the pattern. I’ve gotten quite an education after reading the pattern wrong and doubling each short row (didn’t realize when it said Rows 1 & 2 that the purl back was row 2), frogged back, did it again and was successful. Now to tackle the other side! I completed the short rows; however when I got back to Row 1 of the beginning of the third repeat, I had the wrong stitch count (btw, there should be 65 stitches after you finish Row 14 of 1st set of short rows). My lifeline was at the beginning of the short row section, so frogged once again! Then for some reason, I couldn’t get the counts right – 5 times…frogged again. I finally put it away and came back to it today. Success! I’m onto the third repeat!

6/10/15 – The third repeat is complete! Fourth repeat is six rows in. I must resist the urge to continue knitting when I have to be up at 5:30am.

6/11/15 – The fourth repeat is complete; after having to frog because I missed a stitch. Onto my next set of short rows!

6/13/15 – The fifth repeat is complete; after having to frog four times because I miscounted. I really need to get better at the short rows 😦 When I make this again, I’m going to try it without short rows. I think the progress will be much faster! I just counted and need 101 stitches to start the sixth repeat. I’ve counted three times and still only come up with 100 stitches. Argh!!!! I’m going to try to see where I went wrong and if I can just increase a stitch instead of frogging again 😦 Update: I found these instructions and they saved my bacon 🙂…

6/15/15 – The sixth repeat is complete. Once again, I missed picking up a yo; however I’ve found the mistake and will be able to pick it up on the beginning of the seventh repeat. You need 113 stitches to start the seventh repeat.

6/16/15 – The seventh repeat is complete. I’m going to switch to German Short Rows for the eighth repeat and see if it’s easier to keep count 🙂 And…just like that! The eight repeat is done! German short rows are so much easier!!!

6/17/15 – I’m glad I asked, otherwise I would have continued on with the short rows! Clarification on one skein short row shawl:

Repeat 1: Rows 1-8 regular
Repeat 2: Rows 1-14 short rows
Repeat 3: Rows 1-8 regular
Repeat 4: Rows 1-8 regular
Repeat 5: Rows 1-14 short rows
Repeat 6: Rows 1-8 regular
Repeat 7: Rows 1-8 regular
Repeat 8: Rows 1-14 short rows
Subsequent repeats 9+: Rows 1-8 regular

6/20/15 – The ninth repeat is complete. I haven’t had as much time to knit the last few days due to my work schedule 😦 Hoping to get further along this weekend 🙂 The 10th repeat is complete. I probably could have had more done; however I have a sick husband and severe ADD today.

6/21/15 – The 11th repeat is complete.

6/24/15 – The 12th repeat is complete. Two more to go until I’m finished with Part 2 of the pattern 🙂

6/27/15 – The 13th repeat is complete.

6/28/15 – The 14th repeat is complete, which means Part 2 is finished! I finished with exactly 209 stitches, so the counting paid off. I have 30 grams of yarn left for Part 3.

6/30/15 – I received Part 3 of the pattern yesterday. I was finished with the first three rows and had to frog back to the end of Part 2. I’m not sure how my counting got away from me; however, I had an extra stitch at the end of Row 3. Also, I am getting 16 repeats instead of 14 as the pattern was written.

7/1/15 – I completed Rows 1-6 of the 16 rows included in Part 3.

7/4/15 – I counted my stitches in row 5 and they were perfect. I did not count in row 6 because I figured it was the same stitch count as row 5. I was at the end of row 7 and found out I had added a stitch in row 6. I’m not sure how I did it, but I did. I just frogged back to row 5 and I have the correct number of stitches. I went ahead and added stitch markers for each section just so I will know if I mess up again. Lesson learned…count after every row!!! I completed Rows 6-9 today.

7/5/15 – Frogged back to row 7 again after not putting in a lifeline on rows 8-9 and realized that I had an extra stitch at the end of row 10. Knit all the way back up to row 10 and realized that all of the middle sections of my diamonds are falling out now that I’ve removed my lifeline in that row. This is so extremely frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to frog back to the beginning of Part 2 and start over. Unfortunately, I don’t have a closer lifeline than that section as I’ve been removing them row by row.

7/6/15 – I completed rows 1-10 again in Part 3 of the pattern today. Yes, I’m on vacation 🙂 I figured out that I made a mistake in following exactly what the pattern said for row 8 the first time. There are yo3 times in row 7 and row 8 stated to k1, p across to last stitch, k1. You cannot complete three purl stitches in a yo3 times. This was clearly written out in Part 2 of the pattern, but not Part 3. It would have unraveled whether or not I had the lifeline in that row once I removed it. Halfway done with Part 3 again!

7/7/15 – I completed rows 11-16 today. I’m 1/4 of the way through the bind off and wanted to finish today as I started on 6/7; however, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Tomorrow morning is soon enough 🙂

7/8/15 – I completed the bind off and wove in the ends. Now to block it before the final picture! I had 6 grams of yarn left over.

7/9/15 – Final pictures are up!


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