WIP – Septima’s Asymmetrical Shawl (Test Knit)

I am working on my very first test knit for Tinyknitters from Ravelry! So far, there have been two errors in the pattern that other caught before I started, so it’s been smooth sailing for me. I decided to use the same yarn the designer used. It a new yarn to me and is absolutely stunning in coloring, so squishy to work with, and an absolute dream to knit up! It came in a hank and I immediately wound it into a cake. I bought it on Etsy from this shop:

Hand Dyed Sport Yarn, Hand Dyed Yarn, Superwash Merino – Northern Lights on Serenity

Yarns to Inspire - Northern Lights Serenity

I’m working the test with slightly larger needles than the pattern called for, as I always have to go up a few needle sizes. I’m on row 40 of 103 and it is such a fun knit! I know that this is the first in a series designed around the Harry Potter books and movies and will feature items that different staff members of Hogwarts might wear. I hope I get to test knit the rest of them 🙂


Happy Knitting!


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