FO – Septima’s Asymmetrical Shawlette

Another Finished Object (FO)! I’ve been waiting awhile to post this so I could link out to the pattern. It’s now up on Ravelry and I am so pleased to show this off! The pattern is Septima’s Asymmetrical Shawlette from Linda Browning, aka tinyknit on Ravelry. She has a lot of awesome patterns for sale and at a pretty low cost.

This pattern was super easy, as long as you use stitch markers on all the odd rows and remove them on the even rows. Otherwise, they will not be in the correct place with the extra increases. It helped me tremendously with the counting! This was the fastest shawl I’ve completed, starting on 7/10/15 and finishing on 7/20/15. That may seem like a long time to more experienced knitters; however I also work a very demanding full time job 🙂

The final size was 57″ x 17.5″. I used US 7 – 4.5 mm 40″ circular needles, knitting flat. If you did not read my initial WIP post, the yarn I used was Hand Dyed Sport Yarn, Hand Dyed Yarn, Superwash Merino – Northern Lights on Serenity. It was super soft and squishy and it was a dream to work with.

I love learning something new with every project and with this one I learned the provisional cast-on and how to pick up and knit stitches. There are several youtube videos out there that can help you if you’ve never done either of these methods. Here are the ones I found most helpful:

Provisional Cast On with Crochet Hook

Picking up Stitches

My beautiful friend, Gina, modeled the pictures for me. So, without further ado, the final pictures!

Happy Knitting!


Gina – Draped around shoulders

Gina - Front drape

Gina – Front drape

Gina - Side Drape

Gina – Side Drape

Gina - Full Shawlette

Gina – Full Shawlette


14 thoughts on “FO – Septima’s Asymmetrical Shawlette

  1. What a lovely little shawl! I absolutely love the colorway you’ve chosen; enough color to be interesting, but still neutral enough to coordinate with lots of different things. I love it draped around the shoulders and neck.

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  2. That’s a lovely pattern. Thanks for sharing several views of the FO. I find it frustrating to only see part of a piece so that you don’t really know the size. Plus you just showed me that my photos leave something to be desired in this area! Thanks again.

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  3. J says:

    For some reason I have always linked the word shawl with peasant. Or old lady. I think you have just changed my mind. ☺ lucky me! I constantly wear scarfs folded in a triangle, which pretty much makes it a shawl, right? Why have I never realised this? I knows what my winter project will be now. Do you knit on circular needles? How long did this one take you?

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    • I’m glad to have changed your mind! There are so many beautiful patterns and yarns out there that they shouldn’t just be for the elderly 🙂 This took me 10 days; however, I’m not sure of the exact hours. Timing myself doesn’t factor in with the joy of knitting for me. I do work on circular needles….even for flat projects. I don’t use regular knitting needles anymore. I am the proud owner of two sets of interchangeable needles, as well as a full set of bamboo circulars.

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      • J says:

        I was just wondering how long it took because I want a little-ish project. I’m working on socks and a jumper at the moment, so after those are done I want something with a fairly quick result! 10 days sounds perfect, I’ll account it to 20 days since I’m a slow poke. My friend just recently gave me her Nanna’s old circular knitting needles, they are plastic and came free with the Reader’s Digest, I have never tried them before so excited to use them. Your bamboo circulars are stirring up some envy here…:)


  4. I must admit that I did not like knitting with the plastic circular knitting needles. I wound up purchasing the Rainbow Wood Circular Needle Set from KnitPicks and I love the flexible cable.
    After that set, I picked up the ChiaGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeables.

    I love both sets so much! Bamboo Circular Needles sell on Amazon for really cheap 🙂


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