STARLIGHT Blogger Award


Thank you, thank you, and thank you again to t.e.d.d.y. from the Funky Air Bear blog for the nomination for a STARLIGHT Blogger Award! I am truly honored and thrilled that you love reading my blog 🙂 I love going through her blog to see what I can find for inspiration on any given day! Go check her out and visit her Etsy shop where she lots of goodies for sale!

This award was created by Carolina at Yesterday After to celebrate the bloggers who inspired her “through their beautiful and original content, imagery, art, abilities, and wonderful personalities.” I’m so glad to have found her blog through this award. What a beautiful site! After doing a little research, I found that the STARLIGHT Blogger Award is the nomination and award in itself; it is the recognition of bloggers by bloggers.

Nominations Rules:

Nominate your 6 favorite bloggers! In your nominees I would like for you to think at the light emanating from the stars the ones that truly touch your soul with their work, the ones that are the light for you a true STARLIGHT Blogger.

Rules for the STARLIGHT Blogger Award:

  • Thank the giver and link their Blog to your post.
  • Answer the 3 original questions and then the 3 new questions from your nominator given to you.
  • Please pass the award on to 6 or more other Bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated by you.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your Blog, please never alter the logo, never change the 3 original questions answer that first then answer the 3 new questions from your nominator and never change the Award rules.

 Please don’t delete this note: The design for the STARLIGHT Bloggers Award has been created from YesterdayAfter is a Copyright image. You cannot alter or change it in any way, just pass it to others that deserve this award.

Copyright 2015 © – Design by Carolina Russo

The Original three questions for everyone to answer:

  1. If you describe or picture your inner soul how will you describe it?
    • I see my inner soul as peaceful, creative, and fed constantly with light and love from the people and things I surround myself with.
  2. What are you working on right now?
    • I am currently test knitting a secret project that will be published in a book. I’m not able to release any details until it is published. I also keep a few other WIPs going for some mindless knitting on the go.
  3. What is your creative dream project?
    • Mine would be to be able to quit my full time job and start knitting full time. I would love to open an Etsy shop one day and am currently working on adding to my stock, so I don’t have an empty store when I do open. I would also love to start creating my own patterns. As I learn a new technique, I am constantly thinking of ways I could use it in a pattern.

My answers to t.e.d.d.y.’s questions:

  1. What are 3 things you want your blog readers to remember about your blog?
  • You can be inspired by anyone and anything. Keep an open mind. I’m always open to comments and questions; I’m actually thrilled by them!
  1. When did you start your blog and what inspired you to start it?
  • I started my blog in June 2015. I was inspired after reading and looking at so many other blogs. I wanted somewhere to be able to showcase my talents and hopefully inspire (yes, I said it again!) others.
  1. Describe your perfect creative space (money is no object.)
  • I currently have an entire room devoted to my creativity; however, I also share it with my office space and I rent so I can’t make any modifications. I would move the office to another room and put up shelves all over the walls to showcase my ever growing collection of yarn, fabrics, and other crafty items. I would also have a dedicated work table and boards to pin for future projects / ideas. I have some spaces on my Pinterest page to help guide me when I can make this a reality. Something like this The Budget Decorator.

I am nominating these amazing blogs; although I could really nominate way more! I find myself coming back to their blogs time and time again for inspiration and enjoyment:

1. Autumn Acorn

2. garnharmoni

3. The Sock Monkey

4. Fashion Food Fotos

5. The Xandra Chronicles

6. Rohn Strong Designs

7. phightlikeagirlnichole

8. Knitting to Stay Sane

9. Slipped Stitches

10. The Knitter Nerd

And the questions for my nominees:

  1. What topics are you most thrilled to blog about?
  2. What was the last good book you read, one that you just couldn’t put down?
  3. If you had unlimited resources, how would you live your life?

Please note:
No one should feel obligated to accept this Award or to link back. I just wanted to share with other’s in the community how inspiring and amazing you and your Blogs are. If you do decide to accept this award, that’s fantastic and greatly appreciated!

Thank you again to t.e.d.d.y. for nominating me!


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    Congratulations! 🙂

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