Thursday Knit-a-Sock-Along: Week 6

Wow! It is official! My Perfectly Perfect Sock (no mistakes on this one!) joins my Imperfectly Perfect Sock (lots of mistakes on this one) to make a delightful pair. They are soft, cozy and I absolutely love them! I won’t be able to wear them with shoes as they are thicker, although they may fit in my bigger boots. Otherwise, they will be for my tootsies on those colder Northern California nights.

For those that haven’t been following along with my first sock adventures (although why wouldn’t you?), I’ll share the particulars. I used the Toe-Up Socks using German Short Rows pattern. I knitted with size US 3 – 3.25mm DPN’s and the yarn was Lion Brand LB Collection Superwash Merino in Purple, my favorite color.

In this project, I learned how to knit with DPN’s, to knit in the back loop and to cast off on a ribbed edge. Everything else, I already knew; I just didn’t know how it all came together. Why was I so scared to knit socks? I’m so happy I conquered that fear!

I’m currently going back and forth between three vastly different sock patterns to decide which one I want to knit next. All three are lovely patterns and I will learn something new with each one, which is a goal of mine. One has been in my Ravelry queue for a long time and combines my love of Harry Potter with socks, Hermione’s Everyday Socks. A fellow blogger, Alex just finished her first pair of socks with the pattern Rye and they make me smile. And then another fellow blogger, Mr. Josiah Bane of The Sock Monkey just published Meduseld and they are absolutely stunning! Decisions, decisions…stay tuned next week as I continue this series to find out which pair I chose.

Want to join me and my fellow knitters in knitting socks? Check out Hannah and Maggie to see how they are doing and link up with us 🙂

Happy Knitting!

IMG_9797 IMG_9798 IMG_9799 IMG_9801 IMG_9803


7 thoughts on “Thursday Knit-a-Sock-Along: Week 6

  1. You’ve got me cheering out loud! Those socks are all the amazing – and they match your tattoo!!! 😀
    Congratulations!!!! Especially on that write up, on which I am so taking notes.

    Make the HP socks!!! Okay I know they’re Hermione’s but whatever, it’s all about those wizarding socks!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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