Thursday Knit-A-Sock-Along: Week 8

It’s been a week already? Holy cow, these Thursdays are coming fast! If you’ve seen my blog this week, you’ll know that I was busy crocheting a super awesome Christmas present this past weekend…and now I’ve got Christmas knitting on the brain 🙂 There are so many people that I want to knit something for the holidays, that I’m not sure I’ll get done. Maybe I should dig into my stash of finished projects? Maybe, maybe not…I may have to rethink how big those Christmas presents will be this year and then plan better for next year. I probably shouldn’t have started a pair of socks and a cardigan for myself. One of those (the cardigan) may have to go into ZZZ status until the new year. That makes me sad 😦

I’m still continuing with my Hermione’s Everyday Socks; however it’s slow going. In my last post, I was 3 pattern repeats (of 4 rows) into the leg section. As of today, I am 9 pattern repeats into the leg section. You might say, big whoop! But that’s 64 stitches on teeny, tiny, sharp ass (can I say that here?) needles times 24! When you look at it that way, I’ve knit a whole 1,536 stitches since last Thursday on my socks alone 😀 Now, that’s the bomb diggity! And it looks really good! I mean the picture doesn’t do it justice…I love the pattern!

You say you’d like to take the plunge and knit your own socks? Why bless you! Why don’t you join me and my fellow sock knitters on our adventures? Check out Alex, Hannah and Maggie to see what gorgeous socks they are creating…and while you’re at it, give us some love! We’ll do the same for you…promise!

Hermione's Everyday Socks

Hermione’s Everyday Socks – Progress is being made!


10 thoughts on “Thursday Knit-A-Sock-Along: Week 8

  1. Yup, you can absolutely say that here – and I’m glad you did. Needles don’t get enough respect and those things can be dangerous/painful. Ask me how I know this. Wait, no, don’t, let’s just say first respondents have given them their own code.

    I am loving your socks! They are a lot bigger than last time especially considering how prolific you are with the projects! My sweater is on hold too – I think into 2016. I have to finish two more projects this month and then I can start thinking about gifts. I promised that I would only knit three gifts this year for the sake of my own sanity, everyone else gets the Castile soap I’m making the first week of November 🙂

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    • Awww…insert blush here…It’s really weird how much I can get done, especially since I work a more than 40 hour work week every week as a salaried professional. Let’s just say there “might” be some knitting going on during some of those meetings 🙂

      I’m trying to limit myself to three or less projects at a time, hence the reason one or more of my WIP’s is currently in zzzz status on Ravelry. Also, I am a serious introvert and work virtually (East Coast hours) in a state I’ve only been for a year and a half…hence not too many friends, so I’m home a lot during the week. Do I sound like I’m whining yet? Boo Hoo on me!!!!

      I think I put pressure on myself versus others asking for stuff and really need to think about what will make me and the other person happy. As you’ll see with my post tomorrow, I might be able to squeak out some Christmas gifts without spending a ton of time on each gift, but a whole lot of enjoyment, and keep what makes me happy on my needles 🙂

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      • You’re a total bad ass for that! I really need to up my game with the knitting 🙂
        Moving to a new place is rough, I’ve done it enough (13 times by the time I was 13) to know it takes a good while to get to know people but I’d like to think it makes me a bit more selective and thus that I end up with salt of the earth friends 🙂
        I know what you mean about putting pressure on yourself for gifts. I decided I’d make all my gifts right in the middle of my chemistry degree and that got all sorts of crazy. In the end I decided to always make three big batches of hypoallergenic soap (I have sensitive skin), usually Castile, and call it good. It seemed to work because know people complain if they get anything else!

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    • Does the whole foot thing really have something to do with your knitting needles Maggs? Don’t be embarrassed, they are sharp… what a story that would be! ☺ and also can’t wait to see this soap!

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  2. Your socks look really interesting, really intrigued by the pattern. Are they still stretchy like ribbing? Or do they not need to be stretchy? I ask this because the sock pattern I am using says that I can change the ribbing to do fair isle pattern or different stitch pattern if I like, and I am tempted for my next pair, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. And yes, I am thinking about Christmas now too. I think I will have to put my jumper to rest to make it for “Project Christmas.”

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    • The top part of the sock is 1×1 ribbing and the pattern for the leg is a four row repeat. It is definitely stretchy! I love the way it is coming out. This is a free pattern on Ravelry…you should definitely try it 🙂 You could always use just the four row repeat instead of fair isle. I haven’t jumped into that world as of yet. That’s one thing that I love about knitting. There’s always something new to learn 🙂

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      • I still need to get on ravelry, I know you heartily recommended it to me a while back and I have browsed it since, I just haven’t taken the time to sign up yet! Yes, on a closer look I could see the ribbing at the top, which I am afraid to swap it to fair isle because isn’t that what keeps the socks up? I have plenty of time to do the research, got a whole other sock to knit! ☺ thanks Paula!

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