WIP – Hat for Miss Maria

Last week I found out that my Mom’s former CNA (and a good friend for years) Gabby’s six year old daughter was in a horrible go-kart accident. She’s in the burn unit at one of the best children’s hospitals and has had multiple surgeries to repair the damage. She still has to go through many more; however she’s a little fighter. Gabby asked for hats, bandannas and scarves to help Miss Maria through the trauma, keep her warm and make her feel pretty. Immediately, I got to work searching for patterns on Ravelry and stopped all work on my current WIP’s. (Hint: There may not be a sock post this Thursday.)

I found something I think she is going to love! I know it’s not practical for cold weather; however it should be something she can wear inside, as well as into the fall and then again in spring. Here are the details:

Ravelry (free pattern): Lacy Girly Fancy Hat

Needles: US 7 / 4.5mm 40″ circular needles (using magic loop method)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in the color Plum Wine

I haven’t worked with a Picot Hem before and wasn’t sure exactly how it was going to work. I’m still not sure if it will cause the edge of the hat to become too tight. If anyone out there has any suggestions for making sure it is stretchy, please let me know! It has to fit over her head and bandages.

The yarn was very hard to work with at first and I almost gave up and started with another yarn. The thing is, I needed to make sure that it’s machine washable / dry-able. In addition to Maria, Gabby also has an infant son and doesn’t have time to hand wash / dry. It’s super easy to crochet with, but I’ve never knit with it. Thank goodness I continued, as this is a super soft hat and the knitting has gotten easier! I’ve completed 10 repeats of the four row lace pattern and it measures 7″ from the picot edge. I’ve got 2 more repeats to go until I think it will measure 8″, which is where I will need to start the decreases.

I would also like to make her something that will keep her warm. Anyone know of a quick and easy child hat to knit or crochet? If not, I’ll keep searching Ravelry once I’m finished with this one. If you are the praying sort, please keep her in your thoughts. She can use all the good vibes possible out there. Until next time…

Happy Knitting!

Miss Maria's Hat
Miss Maria’s Hat – Almost finished!
Maria & Gabby
Maria & Gabby before the accident…Love these two!

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  1. Awe. What a pretty stitch pattern. I bet the hat will turn out delightfully perfect.

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    1. Thank you! It totally did 🙂 I just finished it this morning and will blog about it once I cast on for the next hat for her.


  2. Oh, I love the colour!!

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