FO – Three Hats for Miss Maria

I told you about my friend Gabby’s daughter, Maria, in another post earlier this week. She’s making excellent progress so far and Gabby appreciates all the prayers that have come her way for healing and strength. I’ve now completed three, yes count them, three adorable hats that I hope she will love! All three are made out of super soft yarn, so they will not hurt her head when wearing them. In addition, they are able to be machine washed and dried. I know this will make it easier on Gabby.

All three hats were easy and used less than one skein of yarn. I put a lot of love and prayers into them while knitting. Here are the details, with links to the free patterns on Ravelry:

Hat 1

Ravelled Here: Lacy Girly Fancy Hat by Alexandra Walters

Started 10/9/15 – Finished 10/14/15

Needles: US 7 – 4.5 mm 40 inch circulars using the Magic Loop method

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in the color Plum Wine

I learned a new lace pattern that is easy to memorize and that I do not like working the first few round with this yarn. It’s kind of splitty; however worked up into a beautifully soft hat. This one may be slouchy on Maria because of the length; however the ribbon makes it adjustable and she should be able to wear this one for a very long time.

Hat 2

Ravelled Here: Barley by tincanknits

Started 10/14/15 – Finished 10/16/15

Needles: US 6 – 4.0 mm 16 inch circulars for the ribbing; US 8 – 5.0 mm 16 inch circulars for the body (switched to 40 inch circulars for magic loop to finish decreases)

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Prints in the color Sachet Mix

This was my first time working with this yarn and I love the way the color pooled differently in the garter stitch versus the stockinette stitch. This yarn was a joy to work with! This one may also be a little slouchy. as I was initially measuring the garter stitch side (6″) instead of the stockinette side (7″) and was supposed to stop at 6 inches before the decrease section.

Hat 3

Ravelled Here: Azalea Hat by Snapdragon Crafts

Started 10/17/15 – Finished 10/17/15 (This was a 2 hour project for me!)

Needles: US 13 – 9.0 mm 16 in circulars (switched to DPNs for decreases)

Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in the color Phoenix Azalea

I’ve worked with this yarn before. It is so easy to knit with and works up super fast because of the bulkiness and large needles. This is the first time I’ve worked with an i-Cord and I love the pixie look of the top of the hat. When you look down on it, it almost looks like the cherry on top on top of a sundae 🙂 It was also my first time decreasing a hat using DPNs instead of the Magic Loop method.

I’ve got pictures of all three hats together, as well as individual pics. Until next time…

Happy Knitting!

All three hats
All three hats – What a joy to knit for Miss Maria!
Lacy Girly Fancy Hat
Lacy Girly Fancy Hat – I love the ribbon that makes this adjustable!
Barley – Super simple garter and stockinette come together in a simple, yet beautiful design!
Azalea Hat
Azalea Hat – I love the color and the pixie look from the i – Cord top!

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  1. I love the sweet ribbon. Do you think 36 is too old to wear ribbons in your hair? Probably…such a shame.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a saying…”to each his own”! I think this fits perfectly 🙂 This hat would also be adorable without the ribbon. I was originally going to leave it off; however I think it might be a little too big for Maria without it.


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