Yarn Storage

I’ve been faithfully taking pictures and posting yarn to my stash on Ravelry, so I know what I have to work with when selecting a project. Due to holiday sales, plus already acquired yarn and the Yarnbox Sock Club, I now have 147 different skeins of yarn stashed. I think it’s time to start digging into that yarn! The problem I had is that it was all hidden away in my closet and kind of unorganized. I’ve been looking at different storage options and think I’ve hit on something that will inspire me and let me see what I have. I still want to cake all of the yarns. This will allow me to get started on a project pretty quickly. I think it will also create more space. Here’s the before (you can click each image to make it larger):

I had to go to Michael’s last week to get some pipe cleaners to clean out the weeps (drainage system that allows water to flow through) on my windows. While there, I noticed they were having a 50% off sale on baskets. What a perfect idea to help store some yarn! I bought these and a cute box to store my DPNs in!


I also went on Amazon to see if I could find something that would fit in my office / craft room. Half the room is dedicated to my virtual work office, home computer, printer and bookshelves. The other half is dedicated to crafting! I found a Seville shoe rack system that I bought two of to stack together. While my husband was at his work dinner, I put the new shelves together and started moving stuff around. Here are the results!

What does your crafting area look like? How do you store your yarn? I think I’m going to be happy with what I’ve done and see lots of creating happening!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!




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  1. LT says:

    Lovely! My stash isn’t nearly as big, but I have yarn in a handmade unit with 25 small cubby squares, and I have more yarn in an ikea laundry hamper that has a firm lid, so it doubles as a side table!

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    1. Thank you for sharing! I also have yarn stashed in the blue table beside my chair 🙂

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  2. rachel says:

    Brilliant! I’m having a tough time figuring out how to store my stash but I’m going that because I’ve committed to not bringing anything in during 2016, that by the end, I’ll have very little … I hope. Fingers crossed.

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    1. I wish I could commit to that; however when I see a pretty on sale, I just can’t resist! I do hope to knit a lot of the stash this year though 🙂

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      1. rachel says:

        I have a reason for such a drastic commitment 😉 I actually bought a fourth spinning wheel last week and my husband and I decided that because I didn’t neeeeed to, it was the ‘price’ to pay. I could have let the wheel go …. And been able to buy stash instead buuuuut … I might be regretting it by June?! We shall see haha

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      2. Four spinning wheels? Eek! I haven’t learned spinning however want to in the future. Maybe one day! The Knitting Meetup I belong to has a Spinning meeting once a month and has demonstration sessions some Saturdays. I might have to get out there and bite the bullet 🙂

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      3. rachel says:

        I have to admit, two of the wheels I bought because I inherited a tiny bit of money last year and my husband encouraged me to do something special. Something I would always have! Then I also bought a portable teaching wheel (the one in the mail)!

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  3. Hannah says:

    147 different types of yarn! You better get knitting! Wowee. I like your baskets! I tried that once but I just ended up putting a load of other stuff in the basket too so it got confusing… don’t do that. I live in a studio flat so my craft space is at once small, but also everywhere…if that makes sense? I seem to just carry projects back and forth from my sofa to my bed, they are about five feet from each other, so maybe that gap is my craft area. I have a box of yarn that has no project to its name, and then three project bags of FUN. I would love to have a shelf like yours so I could display the pretty yarn colours, but the amount of moths I see floating about is ridiculous. I’m paranoid they are going to lay eggs in all my materials so every now and then I go about my room shaking the bags of yarn and giving boxes of fabric a good kick in an attempt to put the moths off their new home. I tell you this because we have known each other for a while now, and you know I’m not mad. Right? 🙂

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    1. OMG! I didn’t even think of moths! Definitely not mad…genius 🙂 I don’t think I’ve seen any around my house; however I will definitely have to get out the ziplock bags now that you’ve said something and reorganize. I’m up to 151 different types of skeins now 🙂 I know I am extremely lucky to have an entire room in our house dedicated to just me. My husband also has his own room. I don’t think either of us could handle all my yarny goodness mixed up with his guitar / amp goodness.

      It’s so good to hear from you. I was just thinking of you and Maggie yesterday and wondering what you’ve been up to (besides quilting).

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      1. Hannah says:

        Oh how sweet, I’ve just been a bit busy as I went away for a bit and I also got a new job at a restaurant. So sort of just adjusting to a new timetable! I wouldn’t worry about moths if you haven’t seen any, don’t let my paranoia spread to you! 🙂 Or just get some cedar blocks or lavender sachets! That is what I have been doing 🙂

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      2. Congrats on the new job! I’d rather be safe than sorry as I have quite a bit of money wrapped up in all that yarn 🙂 I just went on Amazon and purchased the cedar blocks/sachets. Thanks for the great advice, as always! XOXO

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      3. Hannah says:

        Awesome, I’m happy to be of help! x

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