WIP – The Baby Blanket

Hi All! I promised to post an update on the projects that have been keeping me super busy lately. Here’s one of them. I found out recently that my niece Brittany is having another baby boy and it made me super excited to see what I could knit / crochet for her. With past babies (friends and family), I always crocheted blankets. With my newish skill of knitting, the world is now open to me working with both of these mediums and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.

Last year, another friend asked me to make a baby blanket for her first grand baby and she was positive it was a boy. I started on the blanket and was about 3/4 of the way finished (working 3 weeks monogamously) when she found out it was a girl. Oops! I put this into hibernation and furiously worked on the baby girl blanket to still get it to her in time for the baby shower. I met the deadline and this poor blanket has been in hibernation since. I am so happy to say that I am working on it again and can’t wait to see the finished product!

The pattern is the Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket by Bonita Patterns. It is free on Ravelry and so much fun to work on. I must admit that when I started it, I did not have a pattern for how many stitches to cast on, etc. At that time, I had signed up for Ravelry; however wasn’t using it. I didn’t know about all the wonderful goodness that was on there until I started knitting 🙂

I was watching my favorite YouTube crocheter, Mikey from The Crochet Crowd, who was making a scarf, and fell in love with the stitch pattern. Using his tutorial, I cast on what I thought were the appropriate amount of stitches and kept going. This thing is going to be huge! It will measure 46″ x 46″ (116.84 cm) without the border. It’s also a yarn hog! I have 5 more double rows to finish the blanket part before I start on the edging, so almost there! I hope my niece loves it as much as I do and I can’t wait to get pics of him on it. She’s due in September, so it will be a long wait 🙂


Ravelled Here: Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket

Crochet Hook: Size I (5.5 mm) from Furls Crochet Candy Shop line

Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport in the color Pale Blue (currently two skeins totalling 600 grams)

New Techniques Learned: Crocodile Stitch

Until next time, Happy Knitting (and Crocheting)!


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