Thursday: It’s (Usually) All About the Socks

Hi All! Notice the title this week? Yep, that’s because usually Thursdays are all about the socks. This week, I did not knit a single stitch on my socks. Why, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks. Add on top of that, we are leaving to Hawaii for a week’s vacation on Saturday. I have been desperately trying to get my test shawl knit completed and blocked before leaving. I really want to take pictures of it for my project page, and the Designer of the pattern (Nimruse of Pandia’s Jewels on Ravelry), while we are in Hawaii.

Disclaimer: The Designer of the pattern has given permission to talk about the test knit and show pictures.

Have I finished it? Nope, but I’m so darn close! If only these last few rows weren’t taking me 30-45 minutes to complete. If only the Gods would stop conspiring against me, making me miscount stitches and lose stitches completely from my needles. (Seriously, like the Gods need to stop it!) If only I weren’t knitting Moss Stitch with almost 400 stitches and counting. If only mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood. (Yep, I had to throw that one in there…LOL)

This is my first time knitting Moss Stitch and although I don’t like knitting it (hate going back and forth between knits/purls), I am loving the look of it! The test knit is using yarn from the Designer and she will package the yarn and the pattern as a kit once it is released. She has some really beautiful colorways and I can’t wait to share all the information once it’s live. The body of the shawl is knit in one fingering weight color and there is a contrasting color for the edging, also fingering weight, that is held together with the same color in lace mohair.

This thing is going to be beautiful when it’s finished…I just hope I get it finished in time for Hawaii! Maybe while we’re in Hawaii? Argh, I can’t wait to get to Hawaii!

I’m so sorry to Hannah at unsophisticated+jejune and Alex at alexand knits for not getting a sock post in this week. However, you should really go check them out and see what progress they have made on their socks! If you’d like to join in, cast on a pair of socks and link up with us! We’d be happy to have you 🙂

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Oh, and here’s a sneak peek of the test knit shawl!



Thursday: It’s All About the Socks

Hi All! What a busy few weeks behind and ahead of us! We went wine tasting at one of our local wineries this past Saturday and picked up lots of yummy wine. Then we went for a stroll and happened on a burger place that had a very tasty ahi tuna burger. Saturday night we went out with good friends for dinner and a live band. I had an awesome book club meeting this past Sunday, where I was surprised by gifts, cake and all around good fun. Monday was my birthday and my hubby spoiled me 🙂 We’ve got pizza night at one of our local wineries this coming Friday night and then a fun BBQ at our friend Reshma’s on Saturday night. I’ve told my husband I need a day of down time on Sunday so I can get some knitting in and just decompress. Anyone else who is an introvert out there can surely relate.

Anyway, you’re here about the socks, right? Just a reminder, these are Amy’s Favorite Toe-Up Socks. I’ve made a little progress, maybe about an inch, since we last spoke. (You can click the images to make them larger and see the full picture!)

That’s not too bad, considering I’m working on them TAAT (two at a time), and still working on my test shawl knit. I did some research since my last sock post and found out that when I get to the heel, I will be working on one sock at a time and then moving to the other sock heel. That provides me with a lot of relief because I had no idea how I was going to do it. Thank goodness for and YouTube videos! I’m still worried that they might be a little big. You can see the stretch in the second picture. I do love the toe and the way it fits and will use the Figure Eight Cast On in the future.

I’ve spoken to a few friends that this will probably be my last test knit for awhile. I want to work on projects that have been sitting around, languishing, and wondering why I haven’t been working on them. I also have some patterns that have been in my queue on Ravelry for way too long that I really want to knit. I need to finish my niece’s baby blanket and make a hat for the baby. I also need to knit a Rebecca Danger monster for the big boy who is getting a new little brother. And don’t you want to read about something that I’m doing, other than socks? Test projects don’t really allow for that until they are released.

You should totally go check out Hannah at unsophisticated+jejune and Alex at alexand knits! I haven’t seen a sock post from them as of yet; however I’m sure they’ll have one out soon. It is Thursday after all, right? And we all love a good sock post on Thursdays 🙂

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


Thursday: It’s All About the Socks

Hey All! You know what day it is? Of course, you do. It’s Thursday and it’s all about the socks! I haven’t made a huge amount of progress this week; however some progress has been made. In case you missed it, here’s the last post on my socks, so you can see how far I’ve come. It’s hard to believe that last week I was sitting on a balcony in Santa Cruz, listening to the waves crash, drinking a cup of hot tea and working on my socks.


This week, I’m back at work and dreaming of two weeks from this coming Saturday when we go to Hawaii for the first time. What? Yes, we are going to Maui, HI! And I can’t wait!!! We’ve booked a condo on the beach and have a lanai…yep, I’m definitely taking along my knitting and can’t wait to relax on the beach again!

Why haven’t I made much progress on my socks? Test knitting. Yep, I have been working furiously on a test knit shawl. It’s going to be big and gorgeous; however it’s a lot of stitches right now. I’m 13 rows away from the edging and I’m up to 301 stitches. Each row increases by four stitches, and the edging is 32 rows…so you can guess where this is going. A lot of stitches! The colorways are gorgeous and I can’t wait to show it off.

Back to the socks. When I last posted, the socks barely fit over my toenails. I’ve completed the toe increases and am on my way into the foot. Yay! I am working on Amy’s Favorite Toe-Up Socks and so far it is an easy pattern. I am kind of concerned, working them TAAT, because the Gusset and Turning of the Heel are both done with short rows. I’m not sure how I will accomplish that part; however I can always take one sock off like I did the last time and work them one at a time until I get past the heel. I’m also a little wary that I may have chosen too large of a needle size. I’m using a US 2 – 2.75mm and the socks seem to be slightly large. I’m going to wait until I’m a little further up the foot to see if I should rip back and continue on with smaller needles. I’m still learning about socks and testing how they fit my feet, so it’s a work in progress. And I’m fine with that.

So, that’s pretty much it for this week. If you want to see what my fellow sock knitting buddies are doing, check out Hannah at unsophisticated+jejune and Alex at alexand knits! They’ve been rocking their socks too!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


Thursday: It’s All About the Socks

Hello All! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to talk about the socks 🙂 I had a very busy two days with work and knitting when I could. My husband and I needed a little getaway so we left yesterday for Santa Cruz, CA. We’ll be taking a long weekend to relax and explore and I hope to get some knitting time too. Let’s get down to the sock talk.

Last week, I talked about my Super Quick Baby Socks (link here in case you missed that post!) And I finished them! Did you have any doubt? These things are so cute and little. I hope they will fit a newborn; however he will also have a little room to grow. I love that they can be worn cuff up or rolled down. Here’s the down and dirty.

Ravelled Here: Super Quick Baby Socks

Needles Used: Size US7 – 4.5mm DPNs

Yarn Used: Bernat Softee Baby in the color Flannel


In addition, I started a new pair of socks! I wanted to try toe up again and the only ones I’ve knit so far were worsted weight using German Short Rows (GSR). I wanted to try some more traditional methods, such as Judy’s Magic Cast On (total fail four times), Turkish Cast On (another fail; however closer to what I wanted), and the Figure Eight Cast On (success!). All of the fails looked good until I started the increase rows and then there were big holes in the socks. At least I learned which method works for me for now.

I’m knitting Amy’s Favorite Toe-Up Socks pattern, which is a paid for pattern on Ravelry. I also decided to do them Two at a Time (TAAT). I haven’t gotten very far because of all the fails on the cast on methods; however they are starting to look like a toe. I originally was going to use the Knit Picks Felici in the color Wizard that I used for my last pair of failed socks; however they just didn’t want to be this sock. Instead I am using Madelinetosh Sock in the color Baltic. I’m also using a larger size needle (size US 2 – 2.75mm) than the pattern calls for and using two 24 inch circular needles and knitting from the same ball of yarn. I’m using the outside for one sock and the inside for the other. 

Go check out what my good friends Hannah at unsophisticated+jejune and Alex at alexand knits and see how they are doing with their sock projects! If you’d like to link up with our Thursday sock party, just let one of us know!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!