Thursday: It’s All About the Socks

Hi All! I took a little break last week since I was on vacation, but I’m back to talk about the progress on my socks! I finished my test knit while in Hawaii and got some gorgeous photos. I heard from the designer the pattern will be released around June 20th, so stay tuned for the pics and a blog on that. Unfortunately, my socks only got a little love last week since I finished my shawl on Thursday afternoon. Two whole rows of love. Here they are on the lanai of the condo we rented:


I was afraid to take them on the plane with me because of the metal needles, so I worked on my Sockhead hat, a take along project that I’ve been working on since the end of July last year. Eek! I really need to get that thing off the needles and headed on it’s way to my cousin.

I’m now at 4 1/2 inches (28 rows) and need to get to 6 1/2 inches before starting the heel. Hopefully, I’ll be there by the next blog post. There’s really not much to say at this point that hasn’t been said in my other blog posts, as it is simple stockinette stitch. Knitting round and round and round. I was at 15 rows for my last update, so 13 rows have been completed, mostly in the last few days. Once again, the pattern is Amy’s Favorite Toe Up Socks, in case you don’t want to go looking for past blogs.

I did want to share with you some cool new tools I purchased from an delightful Etsy shop called Burning Impressions 2. I heard about the shop from one of the knitting podcasts I watch (Grocery Girls Podcast…they are a hoot!) and thought I’d check them out. There are oodles of fantastic wood knitting / crafting tools that can be personalized. I purchased the Sock Knitter’s Tool Kit (with my Ravelry name on back) and the Mitt Blockers with Removable Thumb Set (size Medium). The quality and workmanship are excellent and I’ve already been using the soxyzz (pronounced sock size) with my current socks for measuring. What awesome tools! Check out the shop for all the details.

And finally, I wanted to share with you two gorgeous yarns I found in the only shop selling yarn in Maui…a cute little gift shop in Lahaina called Binky’s.  The first is Maui Yarns in the color Deep Blue Sea. It’s 75% Superwash Merino Wool / 25% Nylon and 100 grams / 400 yards. I can’t wait to make a gorgeous pair of socks out of this, or maybe a shawl, since I purchased two skeins to remember my vacation. The second is Hula Bunny in the color Coconut Dream. It is 40% English Angora from Hawaii Bunnies / 40% Superwash Merino / 20% Tussah Silk and 56.7 grams / 250 yards. I probably shouldn’t have bought this due to the expense; however when I felt it, I just wanted to snuggle like crazy with it. I also bought two skeins and I’m not sure as of yet what I’ll make with it. I did find out when I got home that I could have bought it for a third of the cost on the website…lesson learned!

For someone who didn’t have much to say, this has turned into a really long blog post! Hopefully, you are still reading 🙂 If you want to check out what my fellow sock  knitters are doing, go check out Hannah at unsophisticated+jejune and Alex at alexand knits! If you’d like to join us on our Thursday Sock Knitting adventures, feel free to link up and we’ll do the same!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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  1. Knit Potion says:

    What pretty yarn! I love that the blue is called Deep Blue Sea. That’ll be perfect for remembering your trip. 🙂

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  2. Welcome back! The socks are looking great! And what a lovely yarn souvenir from your trip 🙂

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  3. Going back to work is hard, but making a new knitting friend is fun. Warmest wishes on both fronts.

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  4. Your blog is wonderful! I nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award because of it. Here is the link to where i mentioned your work. One of these days, I’m going to try to make socks…


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