FO – Hugo the Couch Potato Monster

Hi All! I have another finished object for you and I am so pleased with this one. As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to make sure that my great nephew, Athan, has a present when I send along the baby items (blogged about here and here) to my niece Brittany and her hubby, Cody. I had made a monster from Rebecca Danger’s The Big Book of Knitted Monsters before and Brittany saw the pictures from Facebook and loved it. I asked her what Athan’s favorite color was and before you know it, a monster was born. I hope Athan loves him as much as I do! Here are the details:

Ravelled Here: Hugo the Couch Potato Monster

Started/Finished: June 25, 2016-July 9, 2016

Needles: US 5 (3.75mm) DPN’s for legs/arms, Magic Loop for Body

Yarn: Red Heart Soft in the color Tangerine

Other Materials: scrap of black yarn, scraps of white yarn, size G (4mm) crochet hook, 18mm black pupil safety eyes, stuffing

Techniques Learned: Crocheted Teeth (I couldn’t find a pattern so made up my own!), Backwards Loop Cast On

Crocheted Teeth:

Larger teeth (Worsted/Aran weight yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in the color white…leftover scraps), size G (4mm) Crochet Hook):

Chain 4
4 SC in purl bump of the chain stitches, ch1 turn
SC decrease down to 2 stitches, ch1 turn
2 SC, ch1 turn
SC decrease, ch1…pull yarn through and cut. Leave enough for stitching.

Smaller teeth:

Chain 2
2 SC in purl bump of the chain stitches, ch1 turn
SC decrease, ch1…pull yarn through and cut. Leave enough for stitching.

I attached each tooth to the other when sewing down so that when the fabric is stretched, they still look like they are attached to each other. I probably could have moved them over just a tiny bit; however I think it just gives him more character. Since I still have Petunia the Patio Monster, I took a picture of the two of them together so you can see the size difference. It is the featured photo at the top of the page.


Now that I have finished, I only have two WIP’s on my needles and they are both long term. Can you believe it? Looks like it’s time for me to cast on my next pair of socks.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


12 thoughts on “FO – Hugo the Couch Potato Monster

    • Thank you! Orange is his favorite color and I’m all about the orange right now 🙂 I can’t tell you how long I searched to find a tooth pattern that wasn’t felt or knitted into the actual pattern (although I do want to try knitting it into the toy too). I finally had an “aha” moment when I realized they were just triangles and I can crochet those. Plus, it provides extra texture for him to play around with.

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