30 Day Knitting Challenge – Day 9

What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

OMG! Really? Almost all of them! Especially since I learned about Indie dyers and the process they go through to get those gorgeous skeins. I tend to buy a lot of sock or fingering weight; however I am well stocked with all the other weights of yarn too. Here are some of my favorites (I have noted the colorway on each picture)…most of them also podcast, so you’ll be seeing some of these names pop up in a future blog post.

Kat’s Kettle – If you follow her on Instagram, or listen to her podcast, you’ll receive notifications of when she is going to update her Etsy shop. You used to be able to get her yarn easier; however a few famous knitting pod-caster’s have been talking her up, so it’s getting harder. Her colorways change with the seasons…here are a few samplings from her summer collection.

Voolenvine Yarns – Very hard to get as she sells out pretty quickly; however I have been lucky enough to get one of her 3 month subscriptions (The Gorey Details Yarn Club) and the yarn is absolutely divine! She has a unique sense for color and loves some of the ghoulish stuff. I can’t seem to find my third skein at the moment in my Ravelry library; however I know I have it somewhere!

Circus Tonic Handmade – Another one that is sometimes hard to come by, however she does update on Instagram and her Ravelry group when she stocks her shop on Etsy. All of her colorways are inspired by and named after nature, with her first collection all named after birds native to Australia, which is where she lives. The yarn is smushy soft and you just want to snuggle with it.

Yarn Enabler – This indie dyer always has stock in her Etsy shop. She sells a lot; however dyeing is her full time job and she makes the most of it. She is the one that came up with the No 2 Pencil dyed yarn and sock pattern. When you knit it up, it looks like a pencil! I learned about her when she created a pattern for the Yarnbox Sock Club and also dyed a gradient yarn to go with it. If you make TAAT socks, you can pull from the inside of the cake and the outside of the cake to make two perfectly matched socks. Later, I found out that she podcasts with another indie dyer, who is her best friend. I love her fun, quirky colors and her love of luxurious fibers.

Okay…I seriously could go on and on; however, this blog post would get to be as long as my arm. It reminds me of the line in the song “These are a few of my favorite things”.

The 30 Day Knitting Challenge is the creation of Meggiewes who blogs at Knitting in Wonderland.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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