30 Day Knitting Challenge – Day 22

Have you ever stricken someone off your to-knit-for list because they didn’t appreciate/take care of your last knitted gift to them?

Absolutely…unequivocally, yes. I’m not going to name names; however when they don’t receive another knitted / crocheted gift from me, they will know. Although, I doubt they even care to tell you the truth. I hope that doesn’t come off as bitter, because it isn’t. You just realize when you gift someone something that you’ve taken time to make and then they make fun of it when they think you can’t hear them (on top of not even saying Thank You)…you know that is not someone you want to knit for again. And it was a hat…a stupid hat.

The 30 Day Knitting Challenge is the creation of Meggiewes who blogs at Knitting in Wonderland.

Thursdays are usually about the socks…and this week we are all on hiatus 🙂 However, you should really go see what Maggie at projectaccomplished (she talks about why there are no socks today) and Katherine of fiberandsustenance have been up to this week.

On a seemingly almost permanent hiatus (aka missing for a long time)?

Alex – alexandknits

Hannah – unsophisticated+jejune

Jennifer – a creative yarn

Until next time, Happy Knitting!



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  1. You don’t sound bitter at all — just practical! No point knitting things for people who don’t appreciate it! There are plenty of others who will value and treasure your beautiful handicrafts!

    I’m working on a Friday Favorites post for tomorrow, and I think, until life settles down for a little, I’m going to move to sharing my sock progress every other Thursday (I’m going to put it in tomorrow’s post). My progress is so slow at the moment, I think it will be a good way to make sure I have plenty of sock fun to talk about.

    Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday and continuing to heal! I’ve so been enjoying your 30 day knitting challenge — I don’t want it to come to an end!

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    1. Excellent! Sometimes it’s hard to convey the proper tone in text 🙂 I was going to talk to you and Maggie, since it seems like we are the only ones talking about socks and see if you two might like going to a once a month post on socks? Maybe the first Thursday of the month and we could give it a unifying name? I find that I’m just not having enough progress to blog about every week. Hopefully Maggie reads this too. What do you think?

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      1. Oh I’m so glad you have been thinking along those lines too! I think that’s a great idea! I’m definitely on board! Then I feel like we’ll be able to do more in-depth posts – wonderful idea 🙂

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      2. Nice! Then if Maggie agrees (which I don’t see why she wouldn’t want to) our next post would be 10/6/16. We just need to think of a new name 🙂 BTW, I’m really enjoying this challenge too. I’ve gotten a lot of new subscribers since I started posting every day. And guess what? I went to knitting group today and knit four rows on my shawl! I’m slowly easing back into knitting!!!!

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      3. Sounds like a plan! I’m happy to be guided in the name by you two since you’ve both been doing the posts much longer than me! I’ll put oct 6 on my calendar 🙂

        And I’m so happy to hear that you were able to knit today!!! That’s such wonderful news! You must be so excited!!

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  2. Stefanie says:

    Good for you. I think it’s jacked up when you take so much time to make something and that person doesn’t even at least tell you the package came! WTF?

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      1. Stefanie says:

        Can you tell I still have resentment? LOL.

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