Knitting Updates & Low Carb Cooking

Hi All! You may have noticed that I haven’t really had a lot of knitting posts recently. That’s because I haven’t been knitting much. I’ve gotten a few rows knit here and there…however most days are spent not knitting. Yep, the CTS flared back up and since I work full time on the computer, knitting has once again been put on the back burner.

I did sign up for a Craftsy class called Knit Faster with Portuguese Knitting by Andrea Wong and tried my hand at it this past Saturday. It’s a very interesting technique and will take awhile to master; however seems like it might be easier on my hands and wrists once I can figure out the proper technique.

I have to remember that when I first started knitting, my tension wasn’t great and it also took time. My stitches are extremely tight using this method and I need to figure out the correct way to hold the yarn to maximize tension. I’ve worked on the same swatch over and over…pulling it out as I get frustrated and then re-casting on. The cast on and purl stitch are pretty easy…like I said, it’s a matter of getting the tension right. Does anyone familiar with this technique have any tips or tricks? I do have a knitting pin that I’m using instead of wrapping around my neck.

In other news, I have been trying out some new recipes that I wanted to share with you. I’ve gotten a few from Whole 30 and some from South Beach (low carb) that have been really delicious. With this post, I’ll share what I made last night.

Fried Cauliflower Rice with Shrimp, Sugar Snap Peas, and Red Pepper by Kalyn’s Kitchen

My hubby is on a low-carb diet, which makes finding new recipes a must to keep things interesting. He does not like eating the same thing every week. I often find myself heading to Kalyn’s Kitchen to source new recipes because almost everything I’ve tried from her has been delicious. This was amazingly full of flavor and also hubby approved. He has requested that I make it again and since it made four servings, we are having it for dinner again tonight. I can easily see this being a side dish to a low-carb beef and broccoli stir fry. Even if you don’t like cauliflower, I urge you to give this a try. It’s that good!

I will warn you that this is a lot of prep because you must have everything ready to stir fry before you begin cooking. I made this exactly as the recipe states; however used raw shrimp, which I deveined and removed the outer shell. I left them whole instead of cutting into bite sized pieces and cooked directly after the onion / cauliflower rice. BTW, if you like caramelized garlic and ginger…don’t throw the pieces away after you flavor the oil. My hubby is Italian and loved the addition of the whole garlic cloves to his bowl.

Sorry for the not so great lighting on the images. These were all taken with my iPhone, which doesn’t take the best pictures at night. Either that, or our lighting really sucks in our kitchen 🙂

Until next time, Happy Knitting and Cooking!



16 thoughts on “Knitting Updates & Low Carb Cooking

  1. Portuguese knitting looks really interesting to me, but I haven’t tried it. I hope you figure out the tensioning issue! A few weeks ago, I tried a ketogenic diet using recipes & a meal plan from I succumbed to the siren call of apple cobbler at SVFF and ended it though. I do want to make my own meal plan/ketogenic diet, relying more on modifications to meals (and cooking styles) I use now – keep sharing recipes! That fried cauliflower rice looks delicious!

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    • Thanks for sharing that site! I will definitely take a look at their recipes too. Anything to keep the weight down…mine is creeping up again and I need to lose 20 lbs so maybe I should low-carb it for awhile too 😀

      I tried Portuguese knitting again today, while waiting for some documents to upload at work…and while sitting on a meeting and I think I may have figured it out 🙂 I’m 7 rows in on a washcloth to practice the purl stitch with a YO and it’s working pretty smoothly. Maybe I’ll have another knitting post again soon and talk about this style 😀

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  2. Cauliflower rice sounds interesting. I’ve seen it sold at Costco and TJ’s. I’m taking Andrea’s class at STITCHES next February. I think it’ll help my hands as sometimes I’m doing so much knitting.

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    • I buy mine at Safeway; however you can make your own using a head of cauliflower. Since there’s so much prep already, I prefer buying the pre-cut 🙂

      It seems to be helping me a bit; however I’m still new at it so only time will tell. I will keep everyone updated! I really, really hope I get to go to Stitches next year. I had just started knitting when the first one I was here for happened. Then this past year, I got sick.

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    • I buy it in the section where they have the bags of broccoli / broccoli slaw / cauliflower & broccoli mix, etc. It’s a big time saver 🙂 I’m still practicing and it’s going well 🙂 At least the Purl stitch is as I’m doing a garter stitch dishcloth and purling is easier with Portuguese Knitting than the knit stitch. I’ll conquer that next!

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  3. That looks delicious! My husband has some food intolerances (he has GERD) so we are also often on the look-out for something new. He can’t handle garlic, but given that this is just used here to flavour the dish, hmm…

    Also: so sorry about your CTS. I don’t have anything that severe, but I do notice sometimes after too much knitting that I start getting pains in my wrists/arms and have to reluctantly put the knitting away for a week or two. I hope your new way of knitting is helping (despite the frustration!).

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    • I have a sensitivity to too much garlic and the amount in this was perfect for me. My hubby wanted a little bit more 🙂 It was really yummy and even better the second day! I’m switching up between a few rows of regular knitting on one project and practicing Portuguese knitting on another so it’s working out beautifully right now!

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  4. Portuguese knitting is so cool! I’ve only tried it a couple of times with YouTube videos and I and a similar experience: purling was awesome but knitting was no where near as intuitive. I loved the way it felt to knit that way though – I didn’t think knitting could get more relaxing and be as easy on the body. This is going to be life changing!


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