Once Upon a Sock: Baby Mitten Socks (FO)

It’s the first Thursday of the month so it’s all about the socks! First, I would like to welcome Kat from Felinity Knits to our little band of sock knitters! She has an awesome sock post this month and I’ll link it below.

I was able to finish the baby socks that I talked about last month! They are so adorable and so teeny, tiny. I’m hoping they fit a newborn, as most socks I make don’t fit until 3 months or longer…at least for babies. I was also able to get a couple of more rows done on my Smooth Operators; however again, not enough to show a new picture. Even though I haven’t gotten in much sock knitting, I have actually been knitting a lot! I’ve made a baby hat and am working on a baby blanket that I will blog about at a later date.

So, let’s talk about these baby socks.

Ravelled Here: Baby Mitten Socks by Barbara Prime (Free pattern)

Started / Finished: 1/26/17 ~ 2/18/17 (I was taking my time; however these are easily a 1-2 day project)

Needles: US 1 (2.25mm) DPN’s

Yarn: Kat’s Kettle Toes Etc. in the color Mana Pool (16 grams)

I did have a little snafu while working on the first sock. Why is it that although I find Kitchener Stitch easy, I can never remember it? I had to look it up on a YouTube video. Unfortunately, I was looking at a video for using the Kitchener Stitch to graft together two squares (wrong sides facing). So, I turned my itty bitty sock wrong side out and happily went on my way. I decided to turn it right side out to check my work before weaving in the ends…needless to say, I figured out I did it wrong. I had to remove it and start over. Argh! That was a pain that definitely needed daylight and a lot of patience…check out these progress pics! I put each stitch on an individual stitch marker, then I used cable needles to make sure they were oriented in the proper way before finally placing them back on the needles. I felt so accomplished when I finished it successfully!

And now for the final pics. Mama is super happy with them…at least pics of them. I will pack these up with the hat and baby blanket for a sweet little gift.

Would you like to join me and my fellow sock knitters? We post on the first Thursday of every month with the title “Once Upon a Sock” and link up with each other. Just let one of us know so we can add you to our list! Here’s my partners in crime and their most recent sock posts.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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  1. These are TOO cute! And, as much as it must have been a pain to get all those stitches reoriented, those project pics with all the stitch markers are so adorable 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they though? They are so freaking tiny! I should have done a hand picture to show the size. I was absolutely devastated when I figured out I did it wrong…but so thankful I figured out how to undo it.


  2. They are adorable! And you have some serious patience to unwork that Kitchener graft like that, wow. Lovely job though, and looking forward to seeing your other recent knits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Believe me, it took forever! I tried doing it at night after I realized I had done it wrong and it just didn’t work. I highly recommend a good nights sleep and strong daylight 🙂

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  3. MrsCraft says:

    I love your cute little socks 😊

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  4. Stefanie says:

    This aqua color is wonderful. I can’t believe how small these socks are! And look how organized you were on the toe with all of those markers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All this babies knits are in the aqua color 🙂 The markers were the only way I could figure out how to do it. I tried at first with just the knitting needles but it didn’t work. Thank goodness it worked out!


  5. PaperPuff says:

    I love the socks – and the colour too!

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  6. Cute socks! There’s definitely something about Kitchener stitch that makes it universally hard to remember. I have got it in my head now, but getting it there took some real conscious effort!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think I’ve got it in my head now too…we’ll see if I remember the next time I do a cuff down sock 🙂

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  7. tinaor says:

    Cute turquoise baby socks!

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