Once Upon a Sock: February 2018

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Hi All and Happy February! My, oh my, isn’t time just zipping right along? Before you know it, we’ll all be wrapping up our year again 🙂 I have some progress on my socks that I’d like to share with you and a little tale of woe. Can you see what’s wrong here?

Kitchener Stitch gone wrong!

I thought I had the Kitchener Stitch memorized. Apparently, I didn’t. Look at that weird toe! Thank goodness I figured it out before I got ALL the way to the end. Then I had to remember how to undo Kitchener Stitch…which wasn’t so hard, just frustrating because I had pulled the stitches tight. What did I do wrong? I did the opposite of what you are supposed to do. I was inserting as if to purl, then knit on the front needle and then inserting as if to knit, then purl on the back needle. Totally backwards! A quick YouTube video search was performed to remind me of the correct way and I was on my way 🙂

Kitchener Stitch done right!

Does that mean what you think it means? Why, yes! I have finished one sock! And I even wove in the ends. And I did not get second sock syndrome (SSS)! (Insert cheers here) I actually wanted to be further along with the second sock than I am (13 rows in out of 20 for the cuff); however my fingers started going numb again on my right hand and I had to back off. I’ve been crocheting instead and am working on a sweet little test pattern for Valentine’s Day that I’ll share with you once its been published. BTW, just a reminder that this is Mina’s Vanilla Sock Recipe pattern and the yarn I’m using is Yarn Carnival High Wire 3 ply in the colorway Austin Equinox.


While you’re here, go check out my fellow sock knitters. Every month, we blog about our sock progress, or lack thereof, and link up with each other. If you’d like to join us, leave a comment for one of us and we’ll add you to the list! I will update blogs as they come out.

Kat (updated) blogs at felinity knits and she has a gorgeous sock HOTN…along with a beautiful cable knit hat that she’s calling on for testers, if you are so inclined. Just head over and let her know 🙂

Katherine (updated) blogs at fiber and sustenance  and has her belated sock post up! Yay! Who else has memory lapses and forgets what day it is? I do! BTW, she’s got some awesome socks on her needles, picked up after languishing for 10 years, and a whole lot of socks in progress! Go cheer her on to complete some of those beautiful socks!

Stefanie (updated) blogs at Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons and this month, talks about keeping track of different heel types to see which one fits best and has some awesome Harry Potter-esque sock progress.

I’ve also been thinking about trying to crochet my first pair of socks. For my fellow crocheters, have you ever done this and what do you think? Are they as comfortable as knit socks? Any pattern recommendations?

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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  1. madgeface says:

    The socks look great! I’m sorry your having hand wonkiness with knitting again, but glad you can fall back on crochet!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Luckily I know what to do when my fingers start going numb…REST! LOL. I was able to knit a little yesterday at knitting group, but with much larger yarn and needles.

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  2. Whee, congrats! First one looks great and I’m impressed you’ve cast on immediately for the second one (I need to do that!).

    Also my cabled hat pattern is ready for testing, I think! Will email it to you this weekend, if you are still up for trying it out for me? x

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    1. Tee hee…I decided that as soon as I wove in my ends, I had to start the next one so it wouldn’t languish in a pile for over a year while I got distracted with a new goodie 🙂 I would LOVE to test it for you! I can’t remember what size needles / yarn you used so hopefully I can find something. I’m in the process of packing up my craft room / office; however all yarn is going in totes so I can quickly access what I need instead of hunting through a cardboard box.

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      1. Oooh are you moving?? Have just emailed you the pattern – fingers crossed it all makes sense. (Short version: 4.5mm needles and DK yarn.)

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  3. Kitchener and I fight all the time. I know turn the sock inside out and 30 a three needle bind off. Im a cheater but its fine.

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    1. That’s just finding a way that works for you…not cheating 🙂 The first time I tried to do kitchener without looking, I turned the sock inside out and then wondered why it looked wrong. I had even woven in the ends 😀 Last time I did that! LOL


  4. Knit Potion says:

    Haha! I’m right there with you on the Kitchener stitch. I always *think* I have it but choke at the last minute and pull out the instructions I’ve had for a billion years. These are going to be great socks. It’s amazing how that deep red can become almost a neutral in terms of going with things.

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    1. Aww…thank you so much!


  5. Yay for finished sock with woven in ends! Boo for hand numbness 😦 looking forward to seeing your expierments with crochet socks — sorry again for spacing out! If I’d actually realized last Thursday j would have told you all that I’d be getting it up, but late! Doh!

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  6. So Once Upon a Sock…..I’ve just seen this for the first time! What all does it entail?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Abbey! I’m not sure what you mean? If you mean posting along with us, we post on the first Thursday of every month (so our next post will be up on 3/1/18) with our sock progress and link up with each other…using the title “Once Upon a Sock” in some way within the title. Socks can be knitted or crocheted…sometimes we even talk about future patterns we want to knit or crochet if we don’t have any progress. If you would like to link up too, just let me know!

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      1. Ohh okay! So it’s a knitting/crocheting group where you do sock patterns?

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  7. Yes, pretty much! Although none of us has crocheted a sock as of yet (not that we’ve blogged about anyway); however I’m thinking of crocheting a pair.


  8. Stefanie says:

    Man, your sock toe looks perfecto! I admire how you don’t have the donkey ears problem like I do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha…I learned a little trick awhile ago. Don’t do the setup for Kitchener Stitch. Just start it with the first stitch. That gives it more of a rounded edge instead of the donkey ears 🙂

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