Once Upon a Sock – February 2019

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Hi Friends!

Do you knit or crochet socks? Do you like to blog about them and share your progress? The first Thursday of every month, my friends and I link up with each other and talk about our socks…the good, the bad, and the ugly. The beauty of a link up party is the ability to jump in and out when you want to share….even if you’ve knit just one row or want to talk about what you’re dreaming of making next. Click the link below to join in, follow the instructions, then link back to my blog so we can all share in the happiness of your gorgeous socks! Feel free to use the beautiful OUAS images Stefanie, from stefaniecraftswithwoolpaperfabric, created just for us. All are included within my blog.


For all those going through the frigid temps, no matter where you are or what frigid temps means to you, I hope you’re safe and staying warm!

I know I’m starting to sound redundant and I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I have not knitted or crocheted a single stitch since our January OUAS post. Not a single one. So, needless to say, I have no progress to share with you and for that, I do apologize. I’m in a crafting slump…like my mind wants to make all the things; however my heart isn’t in it right now. It all started when we moved and I wasn’t able to go to my knitting group anymore. It’s about an hour drive away now and that’s just too much time to take out of my work schedule to commit to, along with having a much longer drive to doctors appointments, plus all the other things that go along with owning a new house. I mean, of course I’ve knitted and crocheted since then; I’m just in a serious stage where I haven’t been motivated to do anything.


What I need to do is to start going to a local knitting group. Apparently a group of ladies meets at our local library on Thursdays to knit and crochet. Maybe I’ll make a plan of doing that this week since I’m getting caught up on work and don’t have any appointments this week. I know that when I’m around like-minded souls, then my heart sings and wants to do all the things again. Wish me luck!


In other news, guess what? My husband has surprised me with a two week trip overseas for my 50th birthday! What???? I know, right? I’m so flipping excited about it! I desperately need to get my passport now. So, for any overseas friends, I will be in London from May 4th through May 10th and then I will be in Paris from May 11th through May 18th. My birthday is on the 16th, so I will be spending my 50th in Paris!!!! Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby has plan with his daughter for the first three days, so I’ll be all my lonesome if anyone wants to get together! Maybe we could do a little social thing where everyone meets up in a pub? Let me know!!!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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  1. You’re coming to London, that’s so exciting! What an amazing present! Of *course* I would love to meet up while you’re here – let’s get something in the diary. Woohoo!

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    1. PS Don’t apologise for the not-knitting, I have been there and sometimes it’s just a stage you need to get through for however long it takes. xx

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    2. Absolutely! Good thing we have each others emails…tee hee! Hubby still has to book the tickets; however he’s thinking we’ll take a red eye. I would hope to sleep all night and be bright eyed and bushy tailed when we get there on Saturday 😀 I’ll send you more details once I know! And thanks for the encouragement. I hope I’m out of this slump soon. I carry my knitting everywhere with me, hoping for inspiration to pick things up. I really want to, I just can’t for some reason 😦


  2. Meg Jones says:

    Don’t worry about not knitting anything – these things come and go and it sounds like you’ve had a lot of change, which always, I find, unsettles my crafting!

    What an lovely present! I would love to meet up – we could have a mini-OUaS gathering in London.

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    1. That would be awesome, Meg! We’ll definitely have to coordinate 🙂 Yes, there has been a lot of change in the last year; however I’m used to my knitting pulling me through. I decided last night that I just need to sit down and get this sweater coat finished that I have on commission. I got quite a bit done last night while listening to my book club book. We’ll see how far it takes me!


  3. Stefanie says:

    How exciting you’re going to Paris! That is so awesome! Happy birthday or belated I’m thinkin.

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    1. Stefanie says:

      And I was going to try to post for OUAS but I messed up on my first attempt at a FLK and so frogged what I had and restarted the Rose City Roller.

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    2. Nope…not belated. I will actually be spending my 50th in Paris! It’s on May 16th 🙂 So sorry you didn’t get to get a post in…I miss hearing about your sock adventures. Hopefully next month!

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