Once Upon a Sock – April 2019

Hi Friends!

Do you knit or crochet socks? Do you like to blog about them and share your progress? The first Thursday of every month, my friends and I link up with each other and talk about our socks…the good, the bad, and the ugly. The beauty of a link up party is the ability to jump in and out when you want to share….even if you’ve knit just one row or want to talk about what you’re dreaming of making next. Click the link below to join in, follow the instructions, then link back to my blog so we can all share in the happiness of your gorgeous socks! Please bear with me if the link doesn’t work. InLinkz will no longer allow access from the old site and hopefully all the kinks are worked out with the newly released site!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Speaking of which, I’m wondering if it’s worth it to host the monthly sock post anymore. I’ve been doing it for years and it seems as though participation has decreased significantly. Last month, I had two other blogs participate. I haven’t been making much progress myself due to other things overtaking my crafting time. I love connecting with other bloggers, but I haven’t even had time to do that lately. I’m woefully behind on every blog that I follow. Give me your thoughts and if you want to continue on, we will!

I had hoped to have finished socks by this time. I do not. And that’s okay. I’m right at the point where it’s time to start the heel and I need concentration and a block of time to finish that properly. I am at 8 inches for the foot length, which is a bit further along than I was last month.


As long as I can carve out some time, these should be finished by next month. Let’s hope so because I want to take them on my trip to keep my feet cozy and we leave on May 4th, which is two days after our next sock post.

What I was able to work on, and accomplish quite a bit during a long car ride, is my Sockhead Hat. You guys have not seen this in awhile because it is my take-along project and one hat takes me forever. I started it on March 27, 2018. I will be taking this on my trip, along with another skein of sock yarn to start my next hat, only because I need something light that I can take anywhere and knit on. I will not have room in my luggage or the brain capacity to take a complicated project. Plus, I should be sleeping quite a bit on our trip over since it will be night time here.



I’m so pleased with how this is coming out. I’m currently at 11 inches and have another two inches to go before starting the decreases. When I started this, I wanted a neutral version of the hat. My other two are full of color and I wanted to feel chic in all neutrals for posh occasions. This yarn is super soft and so pretty and I picked it up at The Swift Stitch in Santa Cruz, CA when hubby and I took a long weekend there in 2016. It’s fiberstory FAVE sock in the colorway Thaw. I’m so happy it’s finally being used and is so beautiful.

That’s all I’ve got for now friends. Thank you for stopping by to say Hi and I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Knitting!


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  1. Knit Potion says:

    I love your new site design, Paula!! I always enjoy seeing Once Upon a Sock come up and following along with yours and others’ sock progress, but I can imagine that if it takes a lot of effort to host it, it would be one thing too many in a busy life. I know I’ll enjoy following along no matter what you post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Melinda! I really like this design too, although it took a bit to get used to it. It doesn’t really take a lot of effort or money; however I wasn’t sure if others were enjoying it as much or maybe everyone is as busy as I am right now and not able to contribute 🙂 We chugged along with four people at one time and then it got up to nine and now it’s like crickets. I’m still thinking on it.


  2. I’d love to join in, but I haven’t been brave enough to try making socks yet!

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    1. You should just do it! Make your first pair in Worsted or DK weight so you don’t have to factor in tiny yarn and tiny needles. Once you get the hang of it, you will be hooked!

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  3. Stefanie says:

    I say it’s up to you. If it’s another thing to worry about then don’t, especially if you have to pay for this linking thing and are so busy with life. Is that yarn worsted? It looks thicker than fingering. I am really liking toe up because I have felt in the past when I get to the foot it feels like it takes forever to get to the toes.

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    1. It’s a DK weight (Lion Brand Superwash Merino), which I wanted cause my toes are always cold 😀 I love toe up too and need to find more patterns that are toe up or learn how to make patterns backwards.

      As far as the Sock posts, It’s not something I worry about per se, I’m just not getting as much participation as I used to. I do look forward to it since it’s about the only time I get to post now, but I also feel pressured to make sure I’m always knitting socks to make sure I have some content 😀 I’m thinking on it. I still love knitting socks regardless of the decision.

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  4. Ooh I love your new site layout!

    I am woefully behind on sock posts (and any other posts), so I don’t blame you if you decide to stop hosting. I do really enjoy reading them even when I haven’t posted, though (am having a nice time catching up on this month’s posts – of which I see four, so far!).

    Very excited that next month I will get to see you and talk knitting/socks/everything else IN PERSON, hooray!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww…thanks so much! I think I will continue on for now…especially since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had much time to post any other time. I am also woefully behind all of my favorite blogs. Squee!!! So very pumped to meet you in person too 🙂 It’s about a month away now!!!


  5. Meg Jones says:

    I feel like this would be an ideal use for a webring, if only webrings were still a thing. Can the link party thing be perpetually open and people just add their links as the time comes round again?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hrm…not something I thought about; however I could look into it. If I set the date for the link party for the year, it might work. However, I’ve made the decision to continue on for now 🙂 Maybe we’ll start getting more posts soon. I still love talking about my socks and progress, so there’s that too 😀 Can’t wait to meet you soon!!!!


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