FO – Tulip Stitch Headband (with Pattern)

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In my last post I shared some finished socks for my friends Rainbow Baby, nicknamed Rainy. I’ve also finished a headband for her and am well into a Rainbow Blanket (more on that later!) I thought you might like to see my progress.

I was looking around at baby headbands since Rainy will be born in August and hats will be too warm (hrm…I just got to thinking about that and may look for a sun hat). There are a ton out there that are super adorable. While browsing, I came upon the Tulip Stitch. It is crocheted and gave me the chance to pull out my gorgeous Furls crochet hooks, which have been seriously neglected lately. I gathered some yarn I bought for another crochet project, for which I knew I would not need the full skeins, and followed a YouTube video that showed how to do the stitch in a blanket. Here’s the pattern I wrote for a newborn, which can be modified to fit any size. I couldn’t find a written pattern for a headband, so I wrote down exactly what the video showed me how to do, with my modifications:

Tulip Stitch Headband

Size H (5.0mm) Crochet Hook or size to fit your yarn
Approximately 5 Grams of Color A
Approximately 4 Grams of Colors B & C

I used size Medium (4) Caron Simply Soft Solids, which is listed as an Aran weight.

SC = Single Chain
DC = Double Chain
YO = Yarn Over
Cluster Stitch = YO, insert the hook into the next stitch, YO, draw the yarn through the stitch, YO, draw the yarn through 2 loops on the hook. Repeat the preceding step two times. You should end up with 4 loops on the hook. YO and draw through all four loops on the hook. YO and pull through the loop to set the cluster stitch.

Foundation Row:
With Color A, chain an odd number of stitches (divisible by three) plus two. It should be as long as the circumference of the size of head you are making but also allowing for a little stretch. For example, a newborn usually has a size 14 inch head. I chained 53, which is 13 inches with give to stretch to 14 inches.

SC into the third chain from the hook. I like to crochet into the purl bump created on the back of the starting chain. SC into each stitch across. You should have 51 SC. Break off color A and join Color B. (Used approximately 2 grams of Color A)

Ch 3. DC into the third chain from the beginning. Ch 1. DC into the same stitch. *Skip two chains. DC, Ch 1, DC into same stitch.* Repeat from * to * until last stitch. DC into last stitch. Break off Color B and join Color C. (Used approximately 4 grams of Color B)

Ch 3. *Cluster Stitch into space made by the V in the prior row. Ch 1.* Repeat from * to * until last stitch. DC into last stitch. Break off Color C and join Color A. (Used approximately 4 grams of Color C)

Ch 1. SC into first chain space. *SC into top of cluster stitch. 2 SC into next chain space.* Repeat until last stitch. SC into last stitch. Turn.

Ch 1. SC into each SC from prior row. Break off Color A. (Used approximately 3 grams of Color A)

Use the leftover yarn at each end to join together to make a circle; mattress stitch works well for this. Weave in the leftover ends.

Ravelled Here: Tulip Baby Headband

If you try the pattern, let me know how it turned out for you! I think this will look super cute on Rainy.

Since this post turned out longer than I thought it would, I’ll be back another day to share an update on the Rainbow Baby blanket. BTW, yesterday was my birthday and my hubby surprised me with an Apple Watch Series 2, a hilarious birthday card and an absolutely delicious dinner out. I had a great day with lots of messages from friends and family, as well as an hour long Facetime with my nephews. Here are a few pics from the day 🙂

Until next time, Happy Knitting (or Crocheting)!


30 Day Knitting Challenge – Day 1

Hi All!

Since I’m not currently knitting, I’ve decided to participate in a 30 Day Knitting Challenge, where I answer a prompted question each day about my knitting journey. Please know that everything that I post with a picture may have been posted before. These are not new projects. So, let’s start with the very first question!

What was your first finished project?

My very first finished knitting project was a garter stitch scarf (not that I knew that’s what the stitch was called) for my Mom knitted in 2011. I had purchased two skeins of this yarn (Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick Solid in the color Purple from WalMart) and brought it to the nursing home to show my Mom. My Mom loved the softness of the chenille and I wanted to try something new. Up to this point, I had only crocheted.

I didn’t follow a pattern. I just cast on however many stitches I thought it should be wide and kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. It was too wide and not long enough once I got to the end of the second skein and I didn’t want to start over. I was absolutely freaked out that I had knit two skeins of yarn and it wasn’t long enough!

I had purchased the yarn while I was in Indiana and didn’t finish the project there. I searched and searched for more yarn in Florida and couldn’t find it. Who knew that the yarn would be discontinued and I couldn’t get anymore? So, I bound off and sent it on it’s merry way. My Mom loved it because it was her favorite color, super soft and I made it for her. It was also really warm folded in half and fit under her winter coat perfectly.

After I finished the scarf, I decided I didn’t like knitting (I couldn’t figure out how to purl) and went back to crochet. The chenille also made it difficult to see the stitches and may have contributed to my disenchantment; however it covered up a multitude of sins.


FO – Pic taken before mailing to my Mom

The 30 Day Knitting Challenge is the creation of Meggiewes who blogs at Knitting in Wonderland.

Normally, you know that Thursdays are all about the socks. With that in mind, I will link you to our merry band of sock knitters.

Check out Maggie at Project(s) in Progress and Katherine at fiber and sustenance and see what they are up to this week!

Also on our Thursday Sock Buddy list, however away on break are:

Alex – alexandknits

Hannah – unsophisticated+jejune

Jennifer – a creative yarn

Hopefully, I will be back to knitting soon! I’m resting / icing my wrist and elbow and although the progress is slow, I can feel a difference.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

FO – Bee Cozy

Hi All! You know those kind of weekends when it’s so hot outside that all you want to do is sit inside with the air conditioner running and knit? Yeah, me too. In fact, that’s what I did this weekend. And for my efforts, I have another finished object! This happens to be my 75th project in Ravelry…and my 17th completed this year. It’s crazy how much more I can get completed with knitting versus crochet.

I think I had mentioned in one of my comments on a dear friends blog that I wanted to look at knitting some hot water bottle cozies…quite possibly for Christmas presents this year. I have a lot of family in cold weather climates and this might be a perfect gift for those frigid winter nights. I wanted to experiment with a few different patterns and I happened to have this one in my queue. It is a paid for pattern; however I was able to obtain it for free during a 12 Days of Giving Christmas gift last year. It’s very nicely written and I had no issues with any of the instructions. There are a lot of free patterns out there…so if you want to make one for yourself, all you need to do is search!

Ravelled Here: Bee Cozy

Started/Finished: July 16, 2016 – July 18, 2016 (I finished the knitting part last night and then just had the bind off and sewing to complete today.)

Needles: US 10 (6.0 mm) 16 inch circulars and DPNs

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Solids, Heathers and Twists in the color Purple (I wanted machine wash/dry.)

Extras: Hot Water Bottle (This is the link to Amazon where I purchased mine.)

In the future, I think I would start with Judy’s Magic Cast On instead of knitting in the round and then having to sew up the bottom. I turned the cover inside out and whip stitched it closed. It makes for a very nice bottom and you can’t tell that it was sewn up.

I wasn’t able to get to the full length in ribbing because 16 grams of this yarn was used in two previous projects and my gauge was off (once completing the honeycomb I was at 10.5 inches and was supposed to be at 9.5 inches); however I think it looks nice the way it is. I used JSSBO in rib pattern to bind off and it is extremely stretchy. This will make it easy to take off the hot water bottle for cleaning.

The honeycomb stitch is pretty easy; however maybe not for a beginner knitter. It’s hard to get your gauge just right when working with a cable needle and I’m lucky that I’ve worked with it on a couple of other projects. Have you started thinking about your Christmas / Holiday knitting yet? I think I have a total of two items made so far. I wanted to be much further, but with babies coming and socks galore…it will all work out in the end.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


FO – Rhea’s Hat

Christmas knitting is on full speed ahead! I now have four items finished and one hat almost finished (working on the decreases), which puts me at the midway point. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 After I finish this one, I have one child hat, one teenager hat and two cowls left to complete. Can I get it all done by next Wednesday? We’ll see!

Continuing with my grief knitting, this one was for my Grand Niece, Rhea. It fit her perfectly with a little room to grow. I loved the bright colors in the yarn and it looks super cute on her. She’s a New Years Day baby and very close to turning one. She’s also Stacy’s little sister. Isn’t she adorable?

This was the first hat that I worked up completely on DPN’s, as the circulars were too tight for knitting in the round. There was also a mistake within the pattern for the decreases; however I figured it out.

Ravelled Here: Simple Garter Brim Baby Hat

Started and Finished 11/01/15

Needles: US 7 – 4.5 mm DPNs

Yarn: RedHeart Gumdrop in the color Cherry

Made For: Grand Niece Rhea

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


Finished Hat!


Baby Model – Rhea


Cute as a button!

All three hats

FO – Three Hats for Miss Maria

I told you about my friend Gabby’s daughter, Maria, in another post earlier this week. She’s making excellent progress so far and Gabby appreciates all the prayers that have come her way for healing and strength. I’ve now completed three, yes count them, three adorable hats that I hope she will love! All three are made out of super soft yarn, so they will not hurt her head when wearing them. In addition, they are able to be machine washed and dried. I know this will make it easier on Gabby.

All three hats were easy and used less than one skein of yarn. I put a lot of love and prayers into them while knitting. Here are the details, with links to the free patterns on Ravelry:

Hat 1

Ravelled Here: Lacy Girly Fancy Hat by Alexandra Walters

Started 10/9/15 – Finished 10/14/15

Needles: US 7 – 4.5 mm 40 inch circulars using the Magic Loop method

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in the color Plum Wine

I learned a new lace pattern that is easy to memorize and that I do not like working the first few round with this yarn. It’s kind of splitty; however worked up into a beautifully soft hat. This one may be slouchy on Maria because of the length; however the ribbon makes it adjustable and she should be able to wear this one for a very long time.

Hat 2

Ravelled Here: Barley by tincanknits

Started 10/14/15 – Finished 10/16/15

Needles: US 6 – 4.0 mm 16 inch circulars for the ribbing; US 8 – 5.0 mm 16 inch circulars for the body (switched to 40 inch circulars for magic loop to finish decreases)

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Prints in the color Sachet Mix

This was my first time working with this yarn and I love the way the color pooled differently in the garter stitch versus the stockinette stitch. This yarn was a joy to work with! This one may also be a little slouchy. as I was initially measuring the garter stitch side (6″) instead of the stockinette side (7″) and was supposed to stop at 6 inches before the decrease section.

Hat 3

Ravelled Here: Azalea Hat by Snapdragon Crafts

Started 10/17/15 – Finished 10/17/15 (This was a 2 hour project for me!)

Needles: US 13 – 9.0 mm 16 in circulars (switched to DPNs for decreases)

Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in the color Phoenix Azalea

I’ve worked with this yarn before. It is so easy to knit with and works up super fast because of the bulkiness and large needles. This is the first time I’ve worked with an i-Cord and I love the pixie look of the top of the hat. When you look down on it, it almost looks like the cherry on top on top of a sundae 🙂 It was also my first time decreasing a hat using DPNs instead of the Magic Loop method.

I’ve got pictures of all three hats together, as well as individual pics. Until next time…

Happy Knitting!

All three hats

All three hats – What a joy to knit for Miss Maria!

Lacy Girly Fancy Hat

Lacy Girly Fancy Hat – I love the ribbon that makes this adjustable!


Barley – Super simple garter and stockinette come together in a simple, yet beautiful design!

Azalea Hat

Azalea Hat – I love the color and the pixie look from the i – Cord top!

3D View

FO – My First Sweater

So, I’ve finished both of my hats for Miss Maria; however I want to wait til tomorrow to post about them because I need light for the true colors to show through. I’m super excited to send them off to her and know that they are so soft they will not hurt her tender head. Until then, exciting news! I finished my first sweater!!!! OMG, how exciting is that? Uhm, well…it’s an ornament, so it’s small…but it’s a finished sweater!

I actually finished it the day that I started Maria’s first hat and the day of my last sock post (so sorry for missing this week!); then I forgot all about posting it! Here are the details:

Raglan Sweater Christmas Ornament – I didn’t get this from Ravelry, but from the blog Milk-Shed. I have spent the last few weeks reading page by page from the beginning and watching her podcasts. It’s a kick ass blog and I highly recommend it! It’s funny because it came to me from the emails I get from and I would have never known about her except for the email. I also want to try the little Santa Hat, Little Mitten and Ornament Ball that she posted a couple of days later.

Needle – US 6 – 4.0 mm 24 inch circulars

Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver in White (I totally want to try this with a yarn that I would actually use for a sweater)

Ravelled Here: ftlsweetie – Raglan Sweater Christmas Ornament

I’m super excited because now I know that sweaters are not scary at all; as long as you can follow a pattern! Now, I know I probably should have staged it better…maybe on a Christmas tree with other ornaments; however it is only October! Without further ado…and til next time!

Happy Knitting!



Sleeves separated

Sleeves separated

Bottom of sweater complete

Bottom of sweater complete – I changed this to 1×1 rib instead of purl one row, knit one row, purl one row

Flat View

Flat View of Finished Sweater Ornament

3D View

3D View of Finished Ornament

Completed Large Mouth Bass

FO – Bulky & Quick Large Mouth Bass Blanket

A few weeks ago, one of my very dear friends from high school, tagged me in a photo on Facebook. The Designer, MJ’s Off the Hook Designs, is on Ravelry and also has her own Facebook page. I took one look and knew that the Bulky & Quick Large Mouth Bass Blanket would be a perfect Christmas present for my nephew (best friend’s oldest son) Merrik! He is obsessed with fishing and watching me work with yarn, so this was a win, win. He still plays with the baby blanket I crocheted for him when he was born.

The pattern is not free, but is well written and worth it. Although the pattern stated this would take 2.5-5 hours to make, depending on skill level, it took me more like 14 hours. I have been crocheting since I was 8 years old and consider myself experienced, so I think she must have taken timings after she crocheted this several times. This was literally a weekend project and I still think of it as quick; plus I had a ton of fun making it! Here are my notes on Ravelry, if you’d like to take a look. She also has a Mermaid Tail blanket that I think will be perfect for some adults on my Christmas list…or maybe future birthday lists 🙂

The yarn used was Bernat Soft Boucle in Grey Heather, Bernat Softee Chunky Solids in Forest and Bernat Chunky Solids in Aran. I purchased all the yarn online at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. I used a size Q (15.0 mm) hook with two strands held together for the body and mouth of the fish. I used a size N (9.0 mm) hook with one strand for the tail and back fins. The amount of yarn varies depending on the size you make. The pattern has these sizes included: Infant (0-18 months), Preschool, Child and Adult. I made the child version and the blanket/cocoon portion measured at 48″ long. Plenty long enough for him to snuggle in for quite awhile.

I can’t wait to get a picture of him in it! Until next time…

Happy (Crocheting) Knitting!

Blanket Section

Blanket Section

Cocoon Finished

Cocoon Finished

Mouth and Eyes Finished

Mouth and Eyes Finished

Tail Fin and Back Fins

Tail Fin and Back Fins (this is in the color Forest; however photographed as grey)

Completed Large Mouth Bass

Completed Large Mouth Bass

Outside Picture

Close-up Outside Picture to see the true colors