Weeknight Dinner

While my husband and I were at the store this weekend, pondering once again what we were going to eat for a couple of nights, I happened upon a Hormel Lemon Garlic Pork Loin Filet in the pork section. I’ve never tried their pork products and thought we would give it a go. It was very delicious, although a bit too salty for my taste. I think the next time I will just buy a pork tenderloin and marinate it myself, although I did love the no fuss, no muss preparation.

I also came upon some beautiful brussels sprouts. I hate the smell when they first start cooking, but they always come out super yummy after being roasted in the oven. This time I cleaned them up, cut them in half, and drizzled them with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. After I had them on the cookie sheet, I decided to add some freshly squeezed lemon juice.

I cooked both at 350 degrees F for about 45 minutes, turning the brussels sprouts over at the half way point. The pork needed to bake for another 15 minutes to reach a perfect, medium 160 degrees F. Thank goodness for that trusty meat thermometer!

My husband had made a tomato, cucumber salad for another dinner and we had leftovers, so that was our other side. It made for a very delicious, filling dinner!

Brussels Sprouts ready to go in the oven!


Hormel Lemon Garlic Pork Loin FiletIMG_9109

Fresh out of the oven! I think the tips turned a little purple because of the added lemon juice.


Perfectly cooked medium pork!IMG_9113

Final dish! Not the prettiest plating, but good enough for us!IMG_9114


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